nixit menstrual cup

nixit menstrual cup

$ 42 USD

Box Color
Royal Blue

At nixit, we make menstrual cups simple. Ultra soft silicone and a unique, one size fits all shape, nixit conforms to you. No confusing sizes, no awkward folds.

Now FSA/HSA reimbursement eligible! 

We make period care simple.

12-hour Protection

Full coverage day & night, holds up to 4 tampons worth — 70ml

Cost Savings

Save hundreds of dollars annually with a cup that lasts up to 5 years

Mess-free Period Sex

Comfortably wear for any activity. Easily forget you have your period

Suction-free Cup

Our cup stays in naturally — no suction means removal is easier.

Premium Materials

Soft, flexible and made with 100% medical grade BPA-free silicone.

Vaginal Wellness

Free of chemicals and toxins, nixit won’t dry out or disrupt down there.

88% of our customers don't even feel nixit when they use it.

We’ve designed the nixit cup to be as thin as possible to make it easier for you to insert and remove.

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Elaine A.
Canada Canada
Youtube review on channel: iLaineyflex

My new fave cup! As a dedicated diva cup user for the past decade this has been a nice change of pace especially for period sex! Full detailed review here:

Katherine C.
Canada Canada
Great purchase

So much less worry about having tampons/pads on hand when I leave the house, and no leaks overnight. Very happy with this purchase!

Emily W.
Canada Canada
Pretty impressed

I have a couple of gynecological issues that cause some anxiety during sex. Both my uterine lining and my cervix bleed very easily. My husband is, ummm, very well endowed, and this definitely makes matters worse. I recently started using my Nixit to prevent big post-intercourse cleanups, and it works like a dream! No leakage at all, despite the fact that it always gets knocked slightly out of position. My husband can feel it, but says it isn't uncomfortable for him. Win-win! (Disclaimer: I am NOT at all using this as a contraceptive.) Downsides, which are really just a mild annoyance which I will gladly take: sometimes insertion is a bit tricky, I might get some lubricant to make the process easier; removal after it's been shoved around can be challenging, I usually need to pinch the rim between finger and thumb for removal.