Like all good things, practice makes perfect with nixit. Just like riding a bike for the first time, it will take a few tries before you get comfortable, and a few more before you become a master. But we think the wait will be worth it and once you’ve mastered nixit, there’s no going back. Here is our suggested plan for your first three cycles using nixit.

Month 1

  1. Try inserting nixit before your period, so that you can get some practice with insertion and removal. Remember the three steps - insert, tuck and check.
  2. Use nixit overnight or on lighter days.
  3. Use a pad or a sanitary towel as back up and to give you some confidence.

Month 2

  1. Try using nixit for your entire period. Always remember to insert, tuck and check.
  2. Still use back up pads or sanitary towels if you feel you need to.
  3. Empty nixit regularly so that you can get used to your flow and work out how long you can leave it in for at a time.

    Month 3

    1. By now, you should have a good idea of your flow, so you can leave nixit in for longer stretches on lighter days.
    2. You’ll be so comfortable using nixit, that you may forget it’s there. Always remember to empty it at least every 12 hours!
      Ready to try out our nixit plan?